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Military Resources

For Military Veteran's Everywhere:
Veteran's Organizations and Resources


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A Memorial for United States Veterans  
A Tribute To Veterans of the Millennium
 from WWI to the Gulf War
Aeromedical Charitable Patient Air Medical Transportation for Veterans - Nonprofit Org
Agent Orange Victims and Families Webring - 17 Sites 
American Ex-Prisoners of War Organization  
American Gulfwar Veterans Association
American Heroes - True American Heroes from the Vietnam War
American Heroes Remembered
 A Tribute to the Veterans of America
American Legion Webring - 247 Sites
American Merchant Marines
American Veteran Friends - Vet Friends . com
American Veteran Search 
American Veterans Alliance Service Center - Veterans Resources
AMVETS Web Ring Index - 66 Sites
AMVETS, National Headquarters
Armed Forces Retirement Home Foundation  
Australian Aviation Webring - 22 Sites
Band of Brothers (USMC) Ring - 216 Sites
Battleship North Carolina
 North Carolina's WWII Memorial Museum
Berlin Airlift Veterans Association - Nonprofit Organization 
Best Vets on the Net - Top Websites
Boxcar Vietnam Veterans Association Home Page
British Military Veterans Webring - 26 Sites
California Republican Veterans of America
Call of Duty - American Veterans 
Cavalry Ring - 27 Sites
Canadian Military Hall Of Honour Webring - 34 Sites 
Cheated Veterans Webring - 8 Sites 
Class Action Lawsuit - Seeking to Restore Free 
 Health Care for Retirees and their Dependents 65+
Combat Stress - Information
Cyr's Military Site
 Dedication to Service Members and their Families
Disabled American Veterans
Divorced Veterans and the USFSPA  
DuPage County Veterans' Memorial  
11th Cav Veterans - 11 Sites
Fayette County Pennsylvania Veterans  
4Veterans -
417th Bombardment Group L
Freedoms Sacred Call A Tribute to our Veterans
 poem written by Orlan Hall 
Freedom Through Vigilance Association
 US Air Force's Air Intelligence Agency 
Greater Atlanta Chapter of the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association
Gulf War Webring - 186 Sites
Gwinnett's Fallen Heroes Memorial Committee
 Honoring Veterans and Public Safety Vets
Hep C Vets
 Support for Veterans and Families Afflicted with Hepatitis C Virus
HQ 440th Signal Battalion 1964-1967 - Kaiserslautern, Germany
Huntleys In The Military  
Immortality & Remembrance - Memorial Websites
International Association Legions of Honor
International Hall of Honor Webring - 383 Sites
IRS Veterans Association - Ogden, Utah Service Center
Kittery Korean and Vietnam Veterans Monument - Kittery, Maine 
Malaya Borneo Veterans
 Malayan Emergency 1948-60 and the "Confrontation" 1963-66
MarineLINK - The Official homepage of the United States Marine
Medics Listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall
Memorial Web Park - Web-Based Memorial Services 
Memorial Websites  
Military Control Center Webring - 1084 Sites
Military Memoirs Independent Films
Military Police Home Page by Jim Burchell - Reunion Center, Military Personnel and
 Veterans Services, News, More
My Salute To All Veterans  
My Tribute to America's Heroes  
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
National Collaboration for Homeless Veterans - DC Metro
National Military Cemetery Webring - 9 Links
National Veterans Legal Services Program  
NAVets USA Webring - 53 Sites
New Zealand Artillery  
Old Farts Network 
Open Directory Military Links Page
Operation Arlington Ridge/Million Marine March
 planned for November 10th, 2000
Parachute Regiment Association - Lothian Branch Scotland 
Paralyzed Veterans of America - National Headquarters
Peacekeeper - for and by International 
 Veterans of Military Peacekeeping Operations
Proud to be a Veteran Webring - 131 Sites
RAF, Commonwealth & Allied Air Forces WWII Monument  
Remembering - a Tribute to Veterans
Remembering the 27th Ordnance Company - Bueren, Germany
Royal British Legion Branch
 British Military Wireless Intercept Services
Royal Welch Fusiliers Comrades Association
 Royal Welch Fusiliers, Colwyn
7th Annual Tampa Bay Moving Wall  
Sgt George C. Scott, USMC - The Actor in WWII
Society of Bomber Command Historians Webring - 49 Sites
Special Operations Memorial Foundation - MacDill AFB, Florida 
Support Our Soldiers Webring - 145 Sites
The American Legion National Headquarters
The Gold Star Mothers of America 
The History Webring - 1009 Sites
The International Veterans Association
 Non-Political, Non-Nationalistic Group 
The Marine Corps League National HQ
The Military Aviation Webring - 98 Sites
The Military Front Webring - 51 Sites
The National Veterans Organization of America  
The National World War II Memorial  
The Outpost
 212th Military Police Sentry Dogs Long Binh, Vietnam
The Ranger Memorial Web Site  
The Retired Enlisted Association  
The Special Forces Association - UK
The Vetcenter - Veteran Links
The Veteran Network Webring - 1733 Sites 
The Veterans of Foreign Wars - 
 National Headquarters Kansas City,
The Virtual Wall - A Digital Legacy Project for Remembrance
The WWII Chinese American Veterans Project  
336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Online Scrapbook  
Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Webring - Vietnam - 74 Sites
Tribute to American Veterans  
UK Gulf War Help 
United States Air Force Veterans Info Service  
United States Warrant Officer Association -  
Pikes Peak, Colorado Chapter
US Department of Veterans Affairs
US Special Operations Unofficial Home Page by Tom Hunter
US Submarine Veterans Inc
US Submarine Veterans of World War II
US Veterans Military Wares & Memorabilia Webring - 6 Sites 
USS Richard S. Edwards - DD-950
VA National Cemeteries - Veterans Resources
Veteran To Veteran
 Information Availble for Military Veterans and their Dependents
Veteran Webring - 14 Members
Veterans Alliance Service Center
 Search Engine Dedicated to US Veterans' and Military Sites
Veterans and Providers Resources
Veterans Forum - History Channel
Veterans Helping Veterans - Veterans Resources
Veterans Links - Korean War - Yahoo 
Veterans Links - Mexican War - Yahoo 
Veterans Links - Persian Gulf War - Yahoo 
Veterans Links - Vietnam War - Yahoo 
Veterans Links - World War II - Yahoo 
Veterans Memorial  
Veteran's Net Ring - 12 Sites 
Veterans News and Information Service - VNIS
Veterans Northeast Outreach Center
 Private Nonprofit Organization 
Veteran's Not Forgotten Webring - 8 Sites 
Veterans of the Vietnam War - Organization
Veterans of Foriegn Wars Webring - 161 Sites
Veterans' Outreach - Charity for Military Veterans & Others 
Veterans Resource Network Association
 Non-Profit Association for All Branches
Veteran's Service Organizations Webring - 35 Sites 
Veterans Voice of Austin - Information Service for Veterans
Veterans Online Pager Network - 295 Sites 
Vietnam Survivors Webring - 24 Sites 
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation 
Vietnam Veterans Hompage
Vietnam Veterans of America
VietNow - Veterans Helping Veterans 
Viet-Now Freeport - Freeport, Illinois 
VietNow Macon County Chapter - Central Illinois 
WW II Web Ring - 415 Websites Listed
Zone 11 Webring - 56 Sites






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