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Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


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Wacky Patent of the Month
Wacky Races - Cartoon Network 
Wacky Times
Waco, Texas, 19 April 1993
Walk-ins - What is a Walk-in and What do they do? 
Walk-Thru Heart - Illinois
Wall Drug - South Dakota
Walt Whitman - Leaves of Grass  
Waltzing Waters and the Amazing Frederick - Missouri 
Wandering Star Webring - 22 Members
War, Secrets of
Warez/MP3 Search 
Warner Animation FAQ
Wasted Time Webring Index - 13 Members
Watch Museum, National Clock and - NAWCC
Watching You Dot Com
 Useless Stuff designed to waste Your Valuable Time
Watchman Fellowship's 2001 Index of Cults and Religions
Watermelon Capital and Water Tower - Arkansas
Watermelon Capital of Texas 
Watermelon Monument - Illinois
Watermelon Thump and Water Tower - Texas
Way to Personal - Adventures in Internet Dating
WC Rice's Cross Garden - Alabama
We Who Never Sleep Webring - 35 Members
Weather - Meteorology - WWW V-L
Weather - Satellite View 
Weather and Climate  - Met Office
Weather Reference Desk
Weather Resources - Harvard
Weather Watchers Online Webring - 59 Sites Listed
Web Cams - Leonard's Cam World 
Web Cams, Tommy's List of 
Web Cams World Wide - Over 2500
Web Collage
Web Forums - Over 300,000
Web Mastery, Guide to
Web Monkey - Web Developers Resource
Web Ring Manager - 180 Links
Web Rings - Homepage
Web Search -
Web Skulker 
Web Smurfer - Translate any Webpage in Smurf Jargon 
Web Weirdness  - Just Plain WEIRD
WebMuseum - Web Museum Network
Webster's Hypertext Dictionary Gateway
WebTV Search, Ultimate - WebTV Resources
Weekly World News - Internet Edition - Tabloid
Weird, News of the
Weird and Different Recipes -  
 Coyote Droppings/Locust Bisque/Kitty Litter Cake
Weird, Wacky, Strange and Bizarre Places
Weird Al Yankovic Website
Weird n' Spooky America - Hauntings and Unexplained 
Weird and Strange Mobile Museum
Weird Baby's
Weird Books, World of 
Weird but True - A Lot of Stories, better get a Comfortable Chair
Weird Coincidences and Unexplained Paranormal Events 
Weird Crap
Weird Mysteries
Weird News and Stupid Criminals 
Weird NJ
Weird Recipes 
Weird Research, Anomalous Physics  
Weird Science 
Weird Science - Cryptozoology
Weird Stuff
Weird Stuff, More
Weirdness, Web  - Just Plain WEIRD
Welcome to Charity.Artificial.Com - A Few Good Linkse
Welcome to Weird Wisconsin
Weld's Press - All the News that's fit to Print and then some
Wellness Web
WellsSpring Media - Fitness, Health, Relationships, Spiritual
Wendell Hansen's Bible Birds - Indiana
Werewolf Legends From Germany
Werewolves - Myths and truths
West Legal Dictionary - Lawyer Search/ Topic Search
 An Interactive History of the Oscar-Meyer Wienermobile
Whale Watching Web - WWW Virtual Library
Whales, Dolphins and Sharks - Photography Expeditions
What's in Your Name?
Whats New - What's New in Travel and Entertainment
Wheel of Food - New Jersey
Where the Ducks Walk on The Fish - Pennsylvania
Where's George? - The Great American Dollar Bill Locator
White Buffalo - One of Only 7 Shot - Snyder, Texas
White Buffalo Cow Society - Native American
White House, The
White Mountain Education Center - Meditation/Spiritual Guidance 
White Squirrel Capital of the World - Illinois
White Squirrel Heaven - Where White Squirrels Go When They Die
Who Would Buy That - Auction Oddities from all over the Web
Who's Alive and Who's Dead 
Who's Stupid Now
Who's Who in the History of Mysticism
Whole-Hearted Healing
Whoops! - Movie Goofs
Why Files, The - Science Behind the News
Wicca and Wiccan - Stan's Page of Resources
Wicked Webring - 19 Members
Wigwam Village Motel - Arizona
Wilbur the Crocodile: Poisoned - Oregon 
Wild Talents 
Wild World of Wonka
Wildlife and Animal Rights Links  
Will Rogers Home Page
Willie the Worm Man - Minnesota
Wills on the Web - Wills of the Famous and Not So Famous
Wisconsin Dells, The - Wisconsin
Wisdom, Shrine of - Tao
Wisdom, Vedic - Astrology/Phrenology 
Witchcraft and Voodoo
Witchcraft and Wicca
Witches, Wolves and Wisdom
Witches Voice - Neopagan News
Witches Web 
Witchy Site, Volute's
Wizard of Oz Complex - Kansas
Wolf Lodge - Native American
Women Authors, Texts by  - Downloadable
Women's Liberation Movement - 1960-70s
Women's Resources - Stan's Page of Resources
Woodworking FAQ
WordLab - Nomenclature + Phraseology + Punmenship Exercises
World of the Strange
Words Removed in the Expurgated Scrabble Players Dictionary
World Lecture Hall
 University-Level Academic Courses in Any Language
World Clock, The 
World Famous Tree House - California
World Future Society 
World Knowledge Network 
World of Maps, The 
World of Sid and Marty Krofft 
World On-Line 
World Population Clock Projection
World Population Information - US Census Bureau
World Potato Exposition
World Religions - The List 
World Religions, Mysticism in 
World Transformation - Positive Vibrations 
World War I and II see the Military Resources Section
World War II FAQ
WorldWide Newspapers - Search for Any Newspaper Online 
World's Biggest, Ugliest Lincoln Statue - Illinois
World's First Nuclear Power Plant
World's Largest Ball of Barbed Wire - Florida
World's Largest Ball of Stamps  - Nebraska
World's Largest Bug - Rhode Island 
World's Largest Chair - Washington, DC
World's Largest Chair Battle
World's Largest Collection of Edsels - Pennsylvania
World's Largest Dairy Store - Connecticut
World's Largest Dog Head - Mounted, of course - Wyoming
World's Largest Ear of Corn - Minnesota
World's Largest Egg - Indiana
World's Largest Fiberglass Fish
 National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame - Wisconsin
Worlds Largest Fireside Chair - New York 
World's Largest Floating Loon - Minnesota
World's Largest Historical Quilt - North Dakota
World's Largest Hockey Stick
World's Largest Kaleidoscope - New York 
World's Largest Kachina Doll - Arizona
World's Largest Killer Bee - Texas
World's Largest Manmade Pit - Utah
Worlds Largest Optical Telescopes 
World's Largest Peanut - Georgia
World's Largest Pecan - Missouri 
World's Largest Pelican - Minnesota
World's Largest Penny - Wisconsin
World's Largest Polar Bear - Nevada
Worlds Largest Roadside Attractions - Almost 200 Claim the Title 
World's Largest Rubber Stamp - Ohio
World's Largest Six-Pack - Wisconsin
World's Largest Strawberry - Iowa, Texas
World's Largest Thermometer - California
World's Largest Tiger Muskie - Minnesota
World's Largest Twine Ball
World's Largest World - Massachusetts
World's Most Wanted - Fugitives and Unsolved Crimes - WMW
World's Oldest Traffic Light - Ohio
World's Second Largest Pecan - Texas
World's Smallest Church - Louisiana, New York 
World's Tallest Clown - New Jersey
World's Tallest Uncle Sam - New York 
World's Tiniest Church - Iowa
Worldwide Wanderings - Around the World in one Year
Worst of the Web -
Woyaa - African Search Engine 
Writ in Water: An International Gallery of Memorials for the Dead
 Cemetery Images
Writing FAQ
Writers References
Writing, Sign 
WWW Virtual Library - History 
WWW Virtual Library - Roadkills R' Us
WWW Virtual Library - WWW-VL - an Index 
Wyoming Frontier Prison and State Gas Chamber 






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