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Military Resources

The War of 1812


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War of 1812 - Links

Battle Streamer: War of 1812
Battlefield House Museum - Stony Creek, Ontario, Canada
Bibliography: War of 1812
Bibliography: War of 1812-Biography
Birthday of the US Navy
Fort Erie and The War of 1812
Fort Erie War of 1812 Home Page
Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
Hamilton Ships Company of 1812 
John's Military History Page
Key Events and Causes- War of 1812
Links to War of 1812 Places
Loyalist Institute Homepage
Mount Independence State Historic Site
 Orwell, Vermont - Revolutionary War Site
Naval Officers of the War of 1812
Navy Regulations, 1814
Officers, Famous in the US Navy, 1794-1815: Select Reading List
Officers of American Naval Victories in the War of 1812
Officers of the Continental Navy and Marine Corps
Officers of the US Navy and Marine Corps in the War of 1812
Official USS Constitution Website - Old Ironsides
Ohio Society War of 1812
Old Ironsides's Battle Record: Documents of USS Constitution's Illustrious Deeds
Patriots of Fort McHenry- Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Historic Preservation Study
RevWar.com - by Michael and Sonja Meals
Society of the War of 1812 in Wisconsin
Uniform Regulations, 1814
United States Daughters of 1812
USGenWeb Archives: War of 1812
Vessels of the Continental Navy
War of 1812
War of 1812 - Don Mabrey's Historical Text Archive
War of 1812 - Scott Co., KY
War of 1812: African American Freedom Fighters
War of 1812: Gateway New Orleans
War of 1812: Why, What and Who?
War of 1812, The
War of 1812 and Associated Documents
War of 1812 Index
War of 1812 Pensioners - Dickson County,TN - List
War of 1812 Re-enactment Units
War of 1812 Website
War of 1812 - 1814










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