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Women in War


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Civil War Women - On-line Archival Exhibits at Duke University
Civil War Women - Primary Resources on the Internet
Conference on Women and the Civil War
Order of the Confederate Rose
 Belle Boyd Chapter OCR - Shreveport, Louisiana
Role of Women in US Military during Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Uniform Regulation: Navy Nurse Corps, 1917
Uniform Regulation: Women Reservist, Yeoman, 1918
What did you do in the war, Grandma?
 An Oral History of Rhode Island Women in WWII
Women and the American Civil War
Women and the Civil War
Women and the Civil War
 Special Collections Library, Duke University
Women at War: Redstone's WWII Female "Production Soldiers"
Women Come to the Front - Library of Congress
Women in the American Civil War
Women in the Civil War - Duke University
Women in the Korean Conflict
Women in Tennessee History - The Civil War Period
Women of the OSS
Women Soldiers of the Civil War
Women's Army Corps: A Commemoration of World War II Service
 - by Judith A. Bellafaire
Women's Civil War Diaries and Papers - Locations
Women's Land Army - Oregon State University
Women's Relief Corps






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