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Badger Pond Woodworking and Jesada Router Bits
Califonia Redwood Association
Chris Pye Woodcarving
Creative Woodcraft Plans
Fairy Door and Window Company 
Fine Workworking Magazine Online - Woodworking Plans via email 
Hardwoods of Yuma - Exotic Woods - Plans, Techniques, Resources
Len's Crafts - Woodworking Plans - Free and For Sale
MacDuff Woodworking Page
MWorks Miniatures Studio - Miniature Wood Turnings
New Yankee Workshop - Norm Abrahams - Finishing Sanding and Sealer Sanding on Wood
Pennington Hardwoods - Flooring and Lumber
Scroll Saw Tips and Patterns - Homepage
Scroll Saw Tips and Patterns - Links
Sunrise Woodcrafts
The Electronic Neaderthal Woodworker
 Traditional Woodworking Resources
Western Woodworking - Hand Crafted Wood Items
Wood Magazine - Woodworking - Handmade Items - Design In Wood
WoodTalk - Woodworking/Plans/Resources/Tips
WoodTalk Forums
WoodWeb - Resource for the Woodworking Industry
WoodWeb - Woodworking Resources
Woodworker's Journal  
Woodworking Catalog -
Woodworking Links - Yahoo
Woodworking on the World Wide Web - WWW-VL
Woodworking Page - Sal Marino - 
 Practical Woodworking and Painting Topics
Woodworking Plans and Home Improvement Projects - WoodNet
Woodworking Plans for Porch Swings and Gliders
Woodworking Resources -
Work Bench Magazine - Woodworking 
 Plans and Home Improvement Projects
Zigan's Woodcrafts - Online Woodworking Plans






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