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Military Resources

World War II  1939-1945


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Concentration Camps

A Personal Memory of Flossenberg
 by Leslie A. Thompson, Chaplain, USA
Bergen-Belsen -
Bergen-Belsen - Simon Wiesenthal Center
Buchenwald - Nizkor Project
Buchenwald - Simon Wiesenthal Center
Buchenwald Memorial
Buchenwald Visit Fifty Years Later
 New York Times International, 1997
Dachau - Simon Wiesenthal Center
Dachau Gas Chambers
Edward R. Murrow's Report From Buchenwald
Flossenburg Concentration Camp
Liberation of Buchenwald - by Harry Herder, PFC, USA
Memorial Site at Former Dachau Concentration Camp
Priests of Dachau
 Simon Wiesenthal Center - Womens' Concentration Camps
Sachsenhausen - Museum
Sachsenhausen - Simon Wiesenthal Center
To Each His Own - Buchenwald 
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Women of Ravensbruck- Portraits of Courage



German Army - Wehrmacht

Das Reich - 2nd SS Panzer Division
Die Gebirgstruppen - German Gebirgsjaeger Mountain Troops
OKW Extension - German Armed Forces 
PanzerDiesel - German Panzer Forces 



Germany in WW II

A Bit About Nazi Germany
Adolf Eichmann
Adolf Eichmann - Nizkor Project
Adolf Hitler - Links
Adolf Hitler, The Rise of -
Adolf Hitler Discussion Board -
Adolf Hitler Profile - Who2
Adolf Hitler's Life
Arsenal of Dictatorship - Weapons used by Germany during WWII
Avalon Project: Franco-German Armistice
Ethics Of Using Medical Data From Nazi Experiments
Extracts from the Diary of Eva Braun
German Armed Forces in World War II -
German Propaganda Archive 
Germany During World War Two
Hitler: The Death of Hitler -
Hitler Historical Museum -
Hitler's Legacy
Jewish Student Online Research Center- Eva Braun
Klaus Barbie
Klaus Barbie - Bibliography - French
Klaus Barbie - French
Klaus Barbie - The Butcher of Lyon
Klaus Barbie, The Trial of
Klaus Barbie and Alois Brunner
Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
Myth: Hitler was a Leftist
Nazi Doctors and Human Experimentation
Nazi Doctors and Human Experimentation - Resources
Nazi Doctors and Nazi Medicine -
OMEGA File - Rudolph Hess
OMEGA File -
 Greys, Nazis, Underground Bases, New World Order
Panzer War Archive 
Places of WWII - Bunkers, Camps, Factories, 
Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler His Life and Legend
 by Walter C. Langer 
Rommel - Books
Rommel: The Trail of the Desert Fox
Rommel: The Desert Fox
Rommel: World at War
Rudolf Hess
Rudolf Hess Biography -
Rudolf Hess Mystery, The
Rudolf Hoess - Court TV Case Files
Rudolf Hoess: Death Dealer at Auschwitz
Rudolf Hoess: The Leagl Implications of His Forced Confessions
Rudolf Hoess: How Reliable are His Memoirs 
The Nazi Olympics - Berlin 1936
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann - PBS
Westwall - Pirmasens Army Depot
Westwall Museum
Westwall Site - Photographs


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German Navy - Kriegsmarine

Admiral Graf Spee and Captain Hans Langsdorff
Battle of the Atlantic
Battleship Bismarck
Das Boot - The Movie Site
Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100
 U-boat Attack on an Allied Merchant Convoy  in 1940
Navy Links Around the World 
Project CA35 - Sinking of a German U-Boat off 
 the Coast of Cape Cod, MA in August of 1944
Project U-233
The German Navy in WWII  
U-505, Capture of, 4 June 1944
U-505 - German Type-IXc Unterseeboot 
U-571, a brief history
U-1105, The submerged wreckage of
U-Boat Bases - U-Bunkers in France
U-Boat Net - Extensive 
Unterseebootwaffe - German WWII Submarine Force
War At Sea 1939-1945





Luftwaffe - German Air Force 

Die Luftwaffe
German Vertical Take-off Projects
Luft '46 - Strange and Experimental German Aircraft 
Luftwaffe - Unit Histories
Luftwaffe Experten
Luftwaffe Fighters
Luftwaffe Night Fighters Resource Page
Luftwaffe Resource Center
Sturmvogel - European Axis Airforces





Submarines - U-Boats

Cyberspace Association of US Submariners
Das Boot - The Movie Site
Dutch Submarines 1906-1999
German Navy 1932 to 1946 
U-505 - German Type-IXc Unterseeboot 
U-Boat Bases - U-Bunkers in France
U-Boat Net - Extensive 
Unterseebootwaffe - German WWII Submarine Force
War At Sea 1939-1945



The Resistance

Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace - Lutheran Pastor
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace - PBS Film
Bonhoeffer, Dr Dietrich
Bonhoeffer's Cell
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Home Page
 The International Bonhoeffer Society
German Conspiracy to Destroy Hitler (1938-1944)
German Resistance Exhibit
 German Resistance Memorial Center, Berlin
Resistance - Jewish Virtual Library
Memories of The White Rose - Underground Student 
 Organization that Resisted the Nazi Government
The White Rose: A Lesson in Dissent - by Jacob G. Hornberger
White Rose International
White Rose, The





World War II 

A British Soldier Remembers
 British 8th Army - by Troop Sergeant Ronald Arthur Tee
A Marine Diary: My Experiences on Guadalcanal
A-Bomb WWW Museum
Abbreviations: Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations, 1949
Aces, US Navy and Marine Corps
Admiral Nimitz Museum
Aerodrome Magazine
Americas Concentration Camps
 The Japanese-American Internment - Great Resource
Appendectomy on board a Submarine: Oral History
Battle of Arnhem Monument Site - 1944
Battle Streamer: American Theater 1941-1946
Battle Streamer: Asiatic-Pacific Theater 1941-1946
Battle Streamer: European-African-Middle Eastern Theater 1941-1946
Bibliography: World War II
Bibliography: World War II General Works
Bibliography: World War II-Atlantic Theater
Bibliography: World War II-Pacific Theater
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Chronology from Navy Medicine
Camp Shelby Home Page
Casualties, World War II
Code Words, Glossary of Naval - NAVEXOS P-474
Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II
Cruiser Scout Homepage - by Seaman Third Class, P.A.McKinley
D-Day Museum, National
D-Day Normandy 1944
Destroyer for Bases Agreement, September 1940
Dr. Bomb-Bay's Aviation Page - WWII
Drop Zone Virtual Museum
Eldred World War II Museum
Europe, Africa and Mediterranean Theater Links
 284 Links - World War II on the Web
Exercise Tiger: Training Exercise for Normandy
Fleet Admirals
442nd Regimental Combat Team
Honolulu Star Bulletin
Jack Turner's War - WWI
Japanese-American Veterans' Association (JAVA)
Japanese American War Veterans
Knights of the Sea - PT Boats
Lend Lease Act, 1941
London's Warship- HMS Belfast - WWII, Korea War
Maritime Museums and Organizations -  by State
Medal: American Campaign
Medal: American Defense Service
Medal: Asiatic-Pacific Campaign
Medal: European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign
Medal: Navy Expeditionary for Wake 
Medal: Navy Occupation
Medal: World War II Victory
Medicine in Hawaii: The World War II Experience
Merrill's Marauders - The Marauders Samurai
Midway, Battle of
Midway, Battle of
Midway, Battle of - Part 1
Midway, Battle of, 4-7 June 1942
Museum of Flying, The - WW II Fighter Aircraft
National World War II Memorial
Naval Aviation Combat Statistics, World War II - PDF File
Naval Aviation in the Pacific - PDF File
Naval Expansion Act, 14 June 1940
Naval Expansion Act, 19 July 1940
Nihon Kaigun - Imperial Japanese Navy - Great Resource
Normandy Campaign Strategy, The
Operation Tiger
Oral Histories: Recollections of World War II Experiences
Pacific Theater Links - A Few More
Pacific Theater Links - 82 Links - World War II on the Web
Pacific Theater Links - Resources
Pearl Harbor: Attack, 7 December 1941
Pearl Harbor: Battleship Row
Pearl Harbor: USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor Webring
Pearl Harbor: USS Arizona BB39
Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings
Pearl Harbor Attacked Message Board
 Comprehensive, and Kid Safe, Discussion on Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Links - Pearl Harbor History Associates
Pearl Harbor Attacked,com
Pieces of Paper - Japanese Air Balloon Bombings 
 Against North America During World War II
Port Chicago Naval Magazine Explosion, 17 July 1944
Presidents who served in the U.S. Navy in World War II
Prisoners of War, World War II
Project Liberty Ship
PT-109: Information on the Vessel and Patrol Torpedo Boats
Quonset and Nissen Huts
RAF Commands 1939-45 
S-33, USS, Submarine
Seattle Sansei Organization
Ships, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, Sunk and Damaged in Action
Sullivan Brothers and Policy Towards Family Members Serving Together
Tarawa to Okinawa - USMC WW II Reproductions
The Russian Campaign 1941-1945
 by Otto Willnauer - POW, Russian Camp
Tokyo Bay: Surrender of Japan, 2 September 1945
Tuskege Airmen National Historic Site
Tuskege Airmen of WWII
Tuskege Airmen Site, The Unofficial
36th Bomb Squadron Homepage 
36th Infantry Divsion in World War II
Typhoon, 18 December 1944
Typhoon, June 1945
Typhoon, October 1945
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Units, Ships, People, Places, etc. Links
 132 Links- World War II on the Web
US Merchant Marine Association
USS Washington BB56 - Battleship
USS Indianapolis, Loss of
USS Juneau, Loss of
Veterans and Miscellaneous Links
 41 Links - World War II on the Web
VT Fuze or Radio Proximity Fuze
War Eagles Air Museum
WWII Memorial - AARP
WWII Memorial Design Competition
WWII Resources
WWII Veterans Website
World War II - Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive
World War II Commemoration - Grolier Interactive
World War II Document Archive
World War II Links - Yahoo
World War II Movie Links - Yahoo
World War II Veteran Links - Yahoo
World War II Web Sites List - over 600 Links




Cambridge Spies
Cambridge Spy Ring
Daily Express: Secret Agent Noor
  WWII Spy and Indian Princess Noor Inayat Khan
George John Dasch and the Nazi Saboteurs
 Failed Espionage Plot Against the US
Heroines of the SOE: Violette Szabo
Princess Noor Connection - Decorated WWII Allied Spy
Princess Noor Links Page
Special Forces Association: Violette Szabe
Special Operations Executive: Violette Szabo
 Biography of the SOE Agent
Spys - Biographical Links
Violette Szabo, GC, MBE, CdG - Biography of the SOE agent
Violette Szabo Museum
Women of the OSS



World War II Webrings

B-17 Flying Fortress Webring - 7 Sites
Czechoslovaks in the Second World War Webring - 9 Sites
Fepow Community Webring - Japanese POWs - 12 Sites
Martin B-26 Marauder Webring - 7 Sites
RAF Liberator Squadrons Webring - 10 Sites
Society of Bomber Command Historians Webring - 46 Sites
The WW2 Collectibles Ring - 11 Sites
UK Pillboxes and Invasion Defences Webring - 8 Sites
Underwater Warbird Wreck Sites Webring - 7 Sites
War Veterans Webring - 5 Sites
Warbirds of WWII Webring - 22 Sites
World War 2 Battles Webring - 31 Sites
World War II Airborne Reenactors Webring - 1 Sites
World War II Aviation Webring - 73 Sites
World War II Webring - 801 Sites
World War II: Analyzed! Webring - 71 Sites
WWII Allied Reenactor Webring - 9 Sites
WWII Reenactor’s Webring - 29 Sites






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