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Alternative Therapies


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  • More resources, under Alternative Medicine in the Health and Medicine section.


Advice on Ear, Nose and Throat Problems - Naturally
Alternative and Complementary Medicine Topics - Great Site
Alternative Medicine, Ask Noah About
Alternative Medicine Homepage, The
Alternative Therapies in Health and Science
Alternative Veterinary Medicine
AsiaScience - Feng Shui, Herbs
Ayurvedic Health Center
Body, Mind and Health
Calm Spirit Magazine On-Line - Tibetan Medicine and Related
Chiro-Web - Chiropractic Resources
Chiropractic Page, The
Entheogenic Database and Community - The Lycaeum
Ethnomedicine and Medical Anthropology
Folk Illness Glossary - FIG
Guided Imagery - Using the Power of the Mind in Healing
Healing, Whole-Hearted
Healing Touch International
Healing Ways - Alternative Methods and Technique
HealthWWWeb - Health Resources and Information
Healthy Way - Resources
Homeopathy Home
Human Sexuality, Society for - Good Site for Anyone
Hypnotherapies - Dr. Bruce Goldberg
Hypnotic Scripts
Integrative Medicine and Natural Health
Massage Therapy Home Page
Medical and Health Info Resources - AWESOME
Medical Marijuana Web Site
Medsite - Online Resource for Medical Information
Mystic Gateway Holistic Center
Natural Death Center, The
Natural Health and Longetivity Resource Center
Natural Therapeutics, New Mexico School of
Naturopathic Medicine - Homepage
Naturopathic Medicine - Library
Near-Death Studies, The International Institute for
Organic Foods and Information
Public Orgonomic Research Exchange
Reflexology, Home of
Reflexology Research
Reiki is... - Spirituality and Natural Healing
Reiki On-Line Manual - Spirituality and Natural Healing
Reiki Page, The - Spirituality and Natural Healing
Repressed Memories and Recovered Memory Therapy
Roots & Wings - A Yoga, Bodywork and Natural Healing Center
Self-Help and Psychology
Sexuality, History of
Shiatsu - Therapeutic Art of Japan
Stress WWW Virtual Library
Tara Ropka Therapy - Method of Psychotherapy Bringing 
 Together Eastern and Western Understandings
Tibetan Medicine
Tibetan Medicine - WWW V-L
Vegetarian Pages
Vegetarianism, World Guide to
Wellness Web
Whole-Hearted Healing






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