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Computer Coliseum

The Internet History of the Computer

2354 resources in 109 categories


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  • Everything related to the History of Home Computers along with information about the Big Boys.

  • Facts and Figures on 229 companies and over 800 computers.

  • Plus Online Museums and Collections.

  • Navigation is accomplished by using the main menu on the left. Just click on the red help book next to the words Computer Coliseum and the topics will unfold. OR you can use the index below.

Acorn Didaktik Magnavox Philips
Act/Apricot Dragon Matra Hatchette Pioneer
AI Electronics EACA Matsushita Processor Technology
Altos 8-Bit Mattel Prologica
Amstrad Emulators Memotech Radio Shack
Apollo Enterprise MGT RCA
Apple I  II Epson Micro Digital Robotron
Applied Tech ExelVison Micronique Sanyo
Arhelger Exidy Microtelektronik Schneider
Atari Fujitsu Milton Sega
Basis GBS MITS Sharp
BIT General A-F Mitsubishi Sinclair
Cambridge General G-M MSX SNK Neo Geo
Camputers General N-Z MSX-General Sony
Canon Goldstar MSX2 Sord
Casio Hewlett Packard Multitech SpectraVideo
Coleco Histories Museums Tangerine
Collections Hitachi Nascom Tatung
Commodore I  II IBM NEC Texas Instruments
Compaq ICL NeXT Thomson
ComX IMS Non-Linear Timex/Sinclair
CP/M Intertec Ohio Scientific Toshiba
CSC Jupiter/Cantab OKI Triumph/Adler
DAI JVC Olivetti Video Technology
Data General Lambda Oric Xerox
DEC Laser Osborne Yamaha
Dick Smith Luxor Panasonic Zenith


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