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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The G's


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Gadzillion Things To Think About - 280 Topics
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
Gaia, The Nine Houses of 
Gaia Hypothesis
Galaxy - Internet Resource Library - AWESOME
Galaxy Page, The - Astronomy/Astrology
Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks 
Gallery of Regrettable Food 3.0
Gallery of the Absurd
Gambling FAQ
Game Shows by Meaghan Scollins -
Games Domain 
Gamma Ray Blast From Space
Gandalfs Altar - Mystical Items for Sale -
 Talismans, Spells, Gris-gris bags, Magical Oils and more
Ganesha Home Page - Hindu
GangLand - Organized Crime News
Gardom's Edge - Archaeological Investigations
Gargoyle's, Haunted House of
Gargish Dictionary
Gas Chamber & Prison Museum - Colorado
Gawain's House of Light - Pleiadian Messages
Gay Life by Alan Foster -
Gay/Lesbian Issues by Deborah Levinson - Geek History through T-Shirts - Humor, Jokes and Multimedia
Geist Web - Southern California Paranormal Research Group
Gemstone Glossary - Meanings in an Esoteric Sense
Genealogy: Articles and Files
Genealogy: RootsWeb
Genealogy FAQ
Genealogy Links - Searchable 
Genealogy Links - in the New Genealogy Section
Genealogy Links, The Big Page of - And it is BIG
Genealogy Information Resources - AWESOME
Genealogy Sites on the Internet, Cyndi's List of - over 38,800
General Hospital Fans by Linda S. Torrence -
Genetic Resources Program, National 
Geno Choice - Create Your Own Genetically Healthy Child Online
Geo Man - Fournier's Vitruvian Man - Geoanatomy
Geocosmic Research, National Council for
Geography - Cartography/Census/Zip Codes/Flags/History, etc.
Geography by Matt Rosenberg -
Geology by Andrew Alden -
Geological Service, US
Geological Time Machine
Geomancy, Mid-Atlantic
Geomancy and Dowsing
George Burns and Gracie Allen
Georgia Rural Telephone Museum
Geostationary Satellite Server - Real-Time Satellite Images
Germanic Heritage Page, The
Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas
Get That Spammer - A Toolkit
Ghosts and Other Haunts - Australia and New Zealand
Ghost Hunters - Organization
Ghost Hunters of Baltimore
Ghost Hunters Society, Ann Arbors - Michigan
Ghost Hunters Society - Michigan
Ghost Hunters Society: Australian
Ghost Hunters Society: Ohio
Ghost Investigators Society 
Ghost Museum, Bob's 
Ghost Research: US 
Ghost Research: South Jersey
Ghost Research Society
Ghost Seeker 
Ghost Sites - Websites that are Dead but Well Preserved
Ghost Society, American
Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories and Mysteries of Sweet Briair
Ghost Story & Folklore FAQ
Ghost Watcher, June Houston's - LIVE CAMS  True Life
Ghost Web - International Ghost Hunters Society - 6000+ photos
Ghosts: Haunted America - State by State
Ghosts: Haunted Longendale Valley - Derbyshire, UK
Ghosts: Haunted Places 
Ghosts: Haunts of Brisbane - Brisbane Ghost Hunters Australia
Ghosts: Lone Star Spirits
Ghosts: Sussex Paranormal Research
Ghosts: The Page that Goes BUMP in the Night
Ghosts: Virginia Supernatural Investigators 
Ghosts: Weird Wisconsin Ghosts
Ghosts, Faeries and Irish Celtic Traditions
Ghosts, Derby City - England
Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings - Derbyshire, UK
Ghosts and Hauntings - the Shadowlands
Ghosts and Hauntings at the Paranormal Parlor 
Ghosts of North Portland
Ghosts of the Prairie Homepage
Giant Ball of Twine - Missouri 
Giant Leaping Fish
Giant Orange
Giant Praying Hands - Missouri 
Giant Turkey Statue
Girlfriend Stealers' Homepage
Give my Ex a Caption - It's About Petty Vengeance, Baby
Give this Man a Tie - Agent Mulder 
Global Brain/Superorganism Resources
Global History Sourcebook, Internet
Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes
 for Small Telescope Users
Global Underwater Search Team - GUST
Global Warming
Glore Psychiatric Museum - Missouri 
Glossary of Terms in Parapsychology
Gnosticism - under Gnostic in the Religion Section
God Bless The US Webring - 63 Members
Godawful Fan Fiction
Gods, Dictionary of the 
Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters of 
God's Homepage - Humorous
Gods and Myths, Intro to - Alphabetic Index at Top of Page
Goddard Earth Science Pictures
Goddard Space Flight Center
Goddess Worship
Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas, The -  Exhibition of 
 Rare Books from the Collection of the Linda Hall Library 
Golden Dawn, Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn Cross - Short One Paragraph Description and Photo
Golden Elixir, The - A Website on Chinese Alchemy
Golden Spike Controversy - Iowa
Goliath the Bear - New Jersey
Goodbye Cecil, Gator Hunter
Goof Gallery - Science Bloops and Blunders
Gorilla Foundation - Main Page
Gorilla Foundation - Save KoKo
Gospel Communication Network - On-Line Christian Resources
Gothic, Synthpop & Ethereal Music Band Descriptions
GothicNet - Side Show Freakishness
Government Resources, US - 
 Stan's Page of Resources in the US Government Section
Gothique Francophone Webring - 32 Members
Government and Legal Info Resources - AWESOME
Government Documents, US - Ready Reference Collection
Grail, Labyrinth of the 
Grand Illusions
Granders UFO Site
Graphic Arts Collection, Cary 
Graphology/Handwriting Analysis FAQ, GCLUB
Grave of America's Favorite Cannibal - Colorado
Grave of Checkers - Nixon's Dog - New York 
Grave of Elsie the Cow
Grave of Ham - Astro Chimp - New Mexico
Gravity Hill - Indiana
Grave of Stonewall Jackson's Arm - Virginia
Great Character Guides Webring Index - 31 Sites
Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Money, The
Great Gallery on the Wide Web, The - Earth Images/Great Site 
Great Lake Monster of Storsjon, Sweden, The
Great Structures of the World
Great Thinkers and Visionaries
Greek and Roman Mythology 
Greek Mythological Beings 
Greek Mythology 
Greek Mythology, Genealogical Guide to 
Greek Philosophy
Green Hornet, The - The Web Page
Gregorian Chant Home Page, The
Greyhound Bus Origin Center
Grave of Jiggs - Little Rascals' Dog - Maryland
Great Blacks in Wax Museum - Maryland
Grim Reapers Age Guesser 
Grimm Brothers' Home Page
Grimm's Fairy Tales - E-Text with Illustrations
Grits - No One Can Eat Just One
Grow-A-Brain-Cafe - Eclectic Selections
Grotto of the Redemption
Gryphon Central Webring Index - 15 Sites
Gryttie - The Lake Gryttgen Sea Monster
Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History
 People With A History
Guilt by Association - Highway17 Page of Shame
Guitar by Dan Cross -
Gun Owners Alliance for a No-Compromise NRA - 88 Members
GussetWorld - Wibbly Wobbly World of Weirdness
Gwich'in Nation Committee
 Indigenous Alaskan/Canadian Survival Committee 
Gyro's Excellent Hernia Adventure!






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