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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The I's


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I Am Coyote - Native American
I-Ching, Original
I Like Monkeys
I Should be Working
I-Tools - Research-It and Find-It on the Internet
I've Been Gooed!
Icebergs of Anarctica, The Bottle-Green
Icon Browser, The - Thousands of FREE Icons
Ideology, Systematic
Ikhuan al-Safa - or the Brethren of Sincerity
Illusion Works - Collection of Optical and Sensory Illusions
Image of Edessa, The
 Earliest References to Christ's Burial Cloths
Image Surfer 
Immigration Resources - see US Government Section
Imperfectly Webring Index - 63 Members
In Search Of... - Index
In This Year... -  Movie Database - 
 Pick out Your Favorite Year - 1000s of Facts
Independent Order of Odd Fellows - FLT
Independent Order of Foresters
India - Indology
India - Recipes and Food
India, Religions of
Indian Echo Caverns - Pennsylvania
Indian History Sourcebook, Internet      
Indian Legends, Old
Indian Philosophy and Religion
Indigenous Peoples Literature
 Native American Fables/Stories/Legends
InfoManage International - A World of Resources
 Scholarly Internet Resource Collection - 11,000+ Resources
Infoplease - Great Research Engine
Information Supercollider, The
InJesus - Ministry and Church Search Engine
Inlakesh - Didgeridoos/Tibetan Horns/Ambient Tribal Music etc.
Inner Space - Native American - Self-growth/Self-Awareness
Innerlight Webring Index - 33 Sites
Insect Recipes
Inside My Head
Inspired by Stick Figure Death Theatre - More Twisted Humor
Instant Novelist, The Amazing 
Institute of Druidic Technology 
Institute of New Energy 
Institute of Projectiology and Conscientology, International
Institute for Scientific Information - ISI
Institute for Sustainable Development, International
Insular Order of Druids
Intelligence and Counterintelligence
Interior Desecrators - Horrors from the Land of Shag - Ugly Decorating Plans from the 70s
International Association for Near-Death Studies, The
International Dark Sky Association
 Organization for Outdoor Lighting Limitations
International Mother's Day Shrine - West Virginia
International Research Group
 You'll Need the Big Screen for this One
International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
International Society of Crystal Skulls
International UFO Museum and Research Center
Internet Anagram Server - Type in a Word and Voila, Anagram
Internet Bumper Stickers
Internet Crimes Archives
Internet Encyclopaedia, Free - MacroReference Index
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Help Desk, The
Internet Hoaxes
Internet in a Baby
Internet License Plate Gallery - Internet Themed License Plates
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Internet Medieval Sourcebook2
Internet Movie Database - IMDb
Internet Public Library 
Internet Resources for Biblical Studies
Interspecies Telepathic Communications 
Inter-Links - Internet Locator/Resource Locator/Tutorial
Intuition Network Homepage
Inventors by Mary Bellis -
Invisible College, The
 Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement
Iowa's Wandering Moose - Pet Cemetery
IQ Personality Tests
 International Research Center for Unexplained Phenomenon
 Diane's Page About Ireland - HUGE and a GREAT Resource
Ireland: Earthlore Ireland - HUGE
Ireland: Gaelic/Irish Dictionary
Ireland: Ghosts, Faeries and Irish Celtic Traditions
Ireland: Heroic Myths and Legends - The Ulster Cycle
Ireland: Irish and Celtic Thingies
Ireland: Irish Archaeology
Ireland: Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
Ireland: Irish Internet Hub
Ireland: Irish Literature - Mythology, Folklore and Drama
 Irish Myths and Ancient Beliefs - Ancient Ireland from A to Z
Ireland: Irish Studies Pages, Conrad Bladey's - A Great Site
Ireland: Irish Terms and Acronyms, Glossary of
Ireland: Irish Times on the Web - News and Services
Ireland: Irish/Celtic Seasonal Celebrations - Directory of Folklore
Ireland: Irish Links Page
Ireland - WWW Virtual Library, Main Directory
Ireland for Visitors by Suzanne Barrett -
Irmo - The Lake Murray Sea Monster, South Carolina
Iron Man - Alabama
Irish American Ring Index - 23 Members
Ishtar, Lady of Heaven
Isis, The Black Virgin - Skipping, of course of course 
Islamic History Sourcebook, Internet
Island Web - Psychedelic Community
Isle of Avalon Knowledge Bank - Glastonbury, England
Isle of Lesbos, The
It's A Wrap! Production Wardrobe Sales






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