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An Auction Guide


Auction Etiquette - Index


  • This is a topic that needs to be addressed for the beginner, as well as, the experienced auction goers. Most people don't realize that a certain protocol exists in the auction community.

  • When you are attending an auction, please follow the general rules of the auction you are attending. These will be stated at the beginning of each auction. These are for the safety and well being of the participants, as well as, the people who are working with the auctioneer.

  • In the beginning, each auctioneer will have an introduction which generally includes: the rules of auction, these are the general instructions as dictated by the auctioning authority; introduction of the feeder and runners; and an outline, which will describe the order or direction the days events are to occur and generally include a pre-determined plan for selling items (i.e. selling furniture at a certain time, or starting at one end of a table and moving in a certain direction).

  • Items to be auctioned are sold 'as is' whereas. When you win a bid on any item, it is considered a legal and binding contract to purchase the item. Know what you are bidding on and the condition. The auction house is not responsible for accidents or condition of the items it sells.

  • If you break or damage an item that is displayed for sell, your are responsible for paying a fair market value for that item. This is only fair to the seller who brings in an item for sell and expects individuals who are viewing the item to be mature adults with a respect for things that do not belong to him or her. However, some auctioneers will waive this policy under certain circumstances and will personally cover the item cost. 

  • If you have children, please watch your children. An auction is not a playground. I have seen many children hurt by playing with items that are sharp and breakable. Remember, the auction house is not responsible for accidents. 

  • If you break or damage an item after your bid was accepted and are in physical possession of the item, you are legally responsible for paying the bid price. 

  • Please be aware of your surroundings. If your 6' 5" tall, please don't stand in front of people who are smaller than you. 

  • If you make a mess (spill coffee, drip catsup on the floor), especially in the walkway, clean it up. 

  • Keep the aisle clear for the runners and people to pass. 

  • If your conversing with your neighbor, keep your voice lower than the auctioneers. Other people can't hear what is being said and the auctioneer cannot concentrate of his job. 

  • Don't interfere with the feeder or runners. 

  • Don't stand in front of the object being sold. You should know what the item is before you attempt to bid. 

  • If you arrive late and the auction is in progress, find a location that doesn't interfere with people who arrive earlier, you'll just make a nuisance of yourself. 

  • Don't beg to have items put up for sale earlier because you have to go home and feed the cat. 

  • If your the consignee, don't come up to the table and whine about the prices. 

  • If you see something you like at auction and the items are on a table far from where you standing, get closer and pay close attention to what is being sold. 

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Copyright Information 


  • This reference is here for informational purposes only.

  • This guide may be freely distributed providing that I have been credited as the author, and a link to this website has been placed on each chapter. Thank You.

  • I would appreciate an email if you did use excerpts from this guide. But it's not necessary.

  • Written and Copyrighted 1997-2001 by Stan Daniloski,  Earth Station 9.



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