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An Auction Guide


Prologue - Index


  • The one thing you cannot learn in school is how to think, the best they can do is show you the results of thinking. The best books in the world cannot guarantee the most knowledge, printed information is outdated.  The ability to make a good decision is based on experience, this is something you learn through time and hard work.

  • Knowledge, good judgment and  experience are necessary for anyone wishing to participate in an auction and be successful. The terms "buyer beware" and  "seller beware" exist for a good reason.

  • An auction is like a game of chess.  Instead of two players, you can have up to 200 (thousands on the Internet). And add this to almost a dozen factors working against you and your odds of success diminish.  Your object is to win of course, but to do so with paying as little money as possible or in the case of selling items, receiving the most money possible. I like a good challenge, but I also like to minimize the chances of failure.

  • A lot goes on behind the scenes of an auction and my goal is to provide useful insight and guidance for the 'buyer' as well as the 'seller'.  Most buyers and sellers are honest and hard working individuals. However, a few  prey on the innocence of the educable and fool not just fellow buyers and sellers but the auctioneer as well.

  • These individuals are out for one reason, to make money no matter what it takes. The long lasting effects are sadly noticeable.  My idea is to inform and educate as to the pitfalls that exist in the auction environment , as well as the  positivistic.

  • Another thing to prepare yourself for is the word "collectable". This is a selling term. It can be applied to anything and draws people like a "Venus fly trap". Just because it's termed "collectable" doesn't mean that it's worth the peddled value. I'll explain further in Guidelines on Buying.  

  • Navigation is accomplished by using the main menu on the left. Just click on the red help book next to the words Auction Guide and the topics will unfold. Or you can use the index below.



Copyright Information 


  • This reference is here for informational purposes only.

  • This guide may be freely distributed providing that I have been credited as the author, and a link to this website has been placed on each chapter. Thank You.

  • I would appreciate an email if you did use excerpts from this guide. But it's not necessary.

  • Written and Copyrighted 1997-2001 by Stan Daniloski,  Earth Station 9.



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