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An Auction Guide


The Auctioneer - Index


  • The job of the auctioneer is to be a liaison between the seller and the buyer. His job is to sell an item at the best price possible and to create an atmosphere that is conducive to this goal. Many different types of auctions exist and each varies immensely in the style and method of selling. For instance, there are auctioneers who just sell livestock or automobiles. My experience deals with the collectable and household or estate auction. Not the high priced, high quality auctions like "Christi's" or "Sotheby's", but good quality collectibles and antiques auctions that are within the reaches of contemporary Americans.

  • In general, the auctioneer is not suppose to know the value of the items he sells. His job is to sell the item. However, many auctioneers are antique or collectable dealers themselves. This knowledge with input from qualified individuals gives him a good working knowledge and value of the items he sells. When you attend an auction on a regular basis, you will know who these qualified individuals are.

  • When I say 'qualified', I'm referring to individuals, collectors and 'true' dealers, who are well established in their communities as a trustworthy source of information. These people have been in the business of buying and selling antiques and collectibles for many years. They usually have an 'expertise' in certain fields or areas (such as depression glass or Victorian furniture), and are well aware of area values, market trends and fads. DON'T expect any favoritism on the part of these individuals when it comes to buying.

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