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An Auction Guide


On Selling Items - Index


  • When items are taken to auction, they are categorized by 'lot' numbers. A commission is charged, usually a preset amount, and sometimes the rate is based on the appraised value given by the auctioneer. Anyone, can take items to auction, just consult with the auctioneer before or after an auction and make plans. If you are unsure as to where to take your items, ask friends, neighbors and other people who are attending the auction. You can get good leads from the 'regulars'. You can also search the classified section of your local newspaper for auction listings. I suggest attending a couple of different auctions, and checking out the prices various objects are bringing. Then ask for commission rates and if the auction house will accept the items your interested in selling.

  • Don't set unrealistic goals for items that you take to auction. The auction is primarily a place to get relatively quick cash for items that you no longer need or desire. If your looking to make a certain amount and the auctioneer deems it to be higher than what he believes it to bring at his auction, you'd be better off trying to sell the item(s) yourself.

  • In my experience, when I used to take items to auction for sale, I noticed that people would bring in items, the same or similar, to items that were previously sold the auction before and trying to realize prices paid early. This will not work. Through my many years of taking items to auction, it never surprises me how many people would do this and expect the same price (most of which would have a reserve bid equal to or greater than the price achieved earlier). It does not work that way. Lets put it another way, if five  bicycles are sold during the previous auction, don't bring any bicycles the next auction. Every auction is different and is based on what I call the nine conditions.

  • The Nine Conditions: The area; time of year; item condition; weather; auctioneer; local events; time and day the auction is to be held; demand; and attendance make a big difference when it comes to selling items at auction. As you can tell it does not depend on any one thing. It's a combination. Prices can vary drastically from one minute to the next.

  • It is true that you can make money taking items to auction, that's the whole idea behind the auction process. But, it takes a lot of time, work, luck and trust. And as stated, the nine conditions are numerous and are working against you.

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