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An Auction Guide


The Feeder - Index


  • The most important job, besides auctioneer, is left to the 'feeder'. While the auctioneer is concentrating on selling the item up for bid, the feeder concentrates on the items themselves. A sign of a good feeder is that he makes the job look easy and you don't even notice his contribution, but trust me it can make the difference between a profitable and disastrous sale.

  • The feeder must concentrate on who is in attendance, people that are bidding, the items that people are bidding on and the prices that are being paid, items that buyers are looking for, the location of these items and the order in which to proceed. The better auctions have a 'feeder'. Usually one individual who has a good general knowledge of what is being sold and the realistic price an item should bring at the respective auction. He knows what item is to be sold individually or in a box lot, how to display an item whereas everyone can see it and know what they are bidding on, gives a good description of what is being sold and lets you know if any item being sold is damaged. Not all feeders are trustworthy. I have seen many 'feeders' hiding items or pushing through items quickly.

  • The best auctions will have a trustworthy feeder. Don't be afraid to ask him (her) questions.  If he (she) is selling box lots and you don't want everything in the box(es), ask him (her) to sell the item(s) separately. Most auctioneers will accept this type of request. Some people are under the impression that this will increase the price beyond the amount that they're willing to spend, and sometimes this is true. However my belief is this, you go to an auction with a purpose, to buy something.

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